I work with buyers, sellers, landlords, tenants, as well as real estate investors in ALL of Oakland County

I also specialize in Facebook, Google ads, and photography.

Home Buying

The finding the right property to call a home can present a variety of challenges on it’s own and that’s where I come in. I specialize in bringing simplicity and peace of mind to the process of home buying. With my knowledge and expertise we will work together by putting your needs first until all your boxes are checked off.

My home buying services include representation, home search and showing, counseling, negotiation and contract writing, and contract closing.

Home Sale

Choosing the right realtor to list your home is the most essential part of selling your priced home. In today’s real estate climate, having knowledge of how to reach buyers digitally is far more valuable than having a large sphere of contacts. My strong digital marketing background equips me with the skillset to reach potential buyers directly from a screen

My sale services include counseling, listing, marketing, negotiation, and closing coordination.

Renters & Landlords

Based on your current situation in life, it may make more sense lease a property as opposed to buying one or lease out a property you own as opposed to selling it. Whether you are a landlord with a property to lease or tenant looking for a property to lease, I can help you. Leasing a property frees up a lot of capital that you would’ve spent purchasing a property and vice versa allows lessors to build capital.


I like to arm my clients with as much information as I possibly can before they make their real estate decisions. Investing in real estate can provide leverage for clients looking to build wealth. According to Barbara Corcoran, real estate mogul and investor, Investors with a long time horizon should be buying real estate, and in particular, real estate in areas they are familiar with. I’m here to help you with that.

My investing services include counseling, representation, home search and showing, negotiation and contract writing, and contract closing.

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