5 Cheap Kitchen Upgrades That Increase Home Value

The kitchens of today can very well be termed as the new hub of the home where meals are shared, and memories are made. It is a place that serves as a makeshift workstation and houses our kid’s souvenir magnets and artworks. 

Sentimental value aside, our kitchens also play a key role in determining our home’s value. And when you’re living in a luxury market, like Oakland County Michigan, you should take full advantage of every home value determinant. 

So, today, I’ll take you through cheap 5 upgrades homeowners can make to their kitchen that increase home value. I’ll also link each upgrade to a local business you can contact for that purpose. So, without any further ado let’s jump right in!

1. The Power of Cabinets

If you are looking to give your kitchen a complete makeover without burning a hole in your pocket, look no further than renovating the kitchen cabinets. Trust me, you’ll be surprised by the kind of face-lift the cabinets get with the right finish. I recommend opting for dark shades since they’re ‘in’ these days. Top it off with matching hardware. 

Make sure the cabinets are properly sanded before the paint is applied for longevity. If you’re looking for kitchen cabinet renovation services in Oakland County Michigan, check out Knoppe Cabinet Refinishing.

2. Let There Be New Light

It’s a well-established fact that lighting fixtures can make or break any room. This is especially true in the case of kitchens, the place where guests sit and mingle. The right kind of lighting fixtures here can help you set a more inviting feel. 

I recommend opting for under-cabinet kitchen lights since they’re all the craze these days. If you’ve got an island in the kitchen, go for fancy hanging lights. Michigan Chandelier should be your go-to for kitchen lighting. 

3. An Appliance Check is Necessary

Working kitchen appliances will really enhance your home’s value because the new owner won’t have to take out time and money to go appliance shopping. So, make sure you do an appliance check. Repair the ones that don’t work and if the repair cost is getting too out of hand, consider getting a brand-new appliance. You can get new kitchen appliances in Oakland County Michigan at Noble Appliance.

4. A Splash of Life for Your Backsplash

It is unreal how homeowners ignore the backsplash of their kitchen, even though it’s the area that is constantly looked at during cooking. So, make sure you change out your kitchen’s backsplash for something equal parts classic and minimal. Opt for patterned tiles to give it more of an oomph factor. MICHIGAN’S HANDYMAN is a great place for your kitchen backsplash fix. 

5. The Game of Floors

Since completely remodeling your kitchen floors can end up inflating the overall cost, I recommend giving them a fresh coat of paint instead. JW Painting Pros should be the ideal choice in this regard. 

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